The battles of my weekend…not for the faint hearted!

Where do I start about my weekend! It all started out lovely. Daddy went off after breakfast again and it was just a me and little man day with lots of exciting plans. I caught up on some Made in Chelsea from the week before whilst it was nap time and then it was swimming!

I cannot praise Water Babies and Puddle Ducks highly enough. We started swimming when little man was only 4 months old and he absolutely loves it. I was upset when I couldn’t return for a second term as I was starting back to work full time. Now that we are settled into a nice routine I decided to re visit this and make Saturdays our swimming day. I booked in with Puddle Ducks this time round due to weekend availability and am so glad we have started swimming lessons again.


He is so settled in the water and loves kicking (and screeching – yes, we now know that his voice echoes round the pool which is very exciting to a 1 yr old) and would recommend taking your little ones when they are just that – little.

So after our swimming (and vocal) lesson finished it was then off to catch up with my friend for a lovely lunch and gossip. We met Fi-Fi the puppy, and after a slightly teary start, little man started sharing his food and playing. Very cute.

nadia2 nadia1

It was so nice to catch up – its been ages. We even planned a girly night out for over the next few weeks….think I may need to do some drinking preparation for that one.

nadia4 nadia3

This is when my weekend turned slightly……sicky!

During our journey home, luckily I was 5 minutes away from the house, little man decided to projectile vomit all over the car. It was like a scene out of a surreal movie and I was just watching everything in slow motion. I got home, opened the car door and just had a mini breakdown in the middle of my drive.

Deep breath! I am on my own, no hubby to help, with a toddler covered in sick, car covered in sick and the smell is making me want to be sick! So what did I do? Stripped him off in the middle of the drive, attempted to wipe sick off with wet wipes and then proceeded to carry him through the house, out to the garden where I could then get a bowl of water and attempt the clean up.

It was absolute mayhem. So my little helper and I set to work trying to clean up whilst he then decided he wanted to jump in to the bowl of water and wash good ole Basher the bunny (he was soaked) – clearly feeling better.


I gave up after half an hour and took him for bath and bed. I usually use this time after bed time to enjoy a glass of wine and a nice dinner by myself, but not this Saturday night. I was cleaning the car seat with cotton buds trying to get in all the little corners that I didn’t even know existed.

I had to work on Sunday (not what I needed after my eventful end of Saturday) so daddy was in charge.

No morning nap, no lunch and a lot of snuggles summed it up until mummy got home in time for tea. Now, I am a nice mummy I promise, but I will admit that I did head lock my chid to get him to have a mouthful of dinner. He did decide he liked it after that taste – hence the headlock was necessary and then proceeded to eat the lot.

Looks like little man is on the mend. Just in time for holiday this week.

Signing off for the day

(A very tired and recovering) Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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