The importance of routine…and Basher the bunny!

I have had a very busy few days so have added an additional blog post into the diary which is very exciting! Since Friday, I have now been accepted on to my diploma of freelance journalism course that I had applied for at the start of the week.

I also enjoyed a night out with the work gang (the first night out without either of my boys since July last year)…how nuts is that?! Even though I didn’t drink it was still nice to be out for a bit and not by ‘busyworkingmummy’ for a few hours!

We went to The Lost City and played adventure golf, which I came second out of 8 of us, and did it for the girls!!! Whoop! We then had dinner at the Red Hot World Buffet which had the biggest variety of food I have ever seen in my life. I am not a massive eater but did manage 2 plates – including indian, Chinese and then chips, plus pancakes and icecream for dessert! Yummy!

golf1 golf2 golf3

It was a good thing I didn’t drink last night as little man has an awful cold, so his nose has been streaming all day, and he has a really bad cough. He has still been as good as gold, but its horrible to watch him struggle to breathe and constantly cough.

One thing that has made my little man a happy baby is routine. Now those of you that know me know that I live by a routine and basically could not get by on a daily basis without one. I was not designed to be spontaneous and push any boundaries….some people may say I sound dull but that’s certainly not the case. When you have lived away from home for 6 years and bring up a baby by yourself (With hubby) you have to develop a way of getting things done, and putting your baby first. My key points of having a happy baby are below –

  1. Have a bed time routine and stick to it – this is paramount to having a happy baby as this defines when their night time is and when it is time to calm down and go to bed (the odd later night however didn’t hurt anyone)
  2. Say no and mean no – little man certainly knows when he can get away with something and when he has pushed the baby boundaries too far
  3. Set boundaries with what they can and cannot do and stick to them – make sure if you are taking something away from them you distract them with something else to avoid a tantrum and lots of tears (or head banging)
  4. Have a special teddy – even though it may be difficult to get him to detach himself from it later down the line it is certainly easier than a dummy plus little mans ‘Basher the Bunny’ makes everything ok (named by daddy by the way)
  5. When all that is said and done, the most important point is to be flexible – take things with a pinch of salt, stay calm and think on your feet if needed (us mummy’s are good at that)

If I had read this a few months ago, being a new mummy I could not have done point 5 in a million years. The thought of little man waking up from a nap early, or not going to bed on time filled me with dread and panic. However they are babies and they know what they want – listen to your baby and you will know why they have deviated from their routine, because something is wrong. Find it and fix it and you have a happy baby again!

jack cakes jack2

Today is a perfect example, little man did not want to sleep this morning as he was snotty and coughing constantly. Ok…not a problem, we got up, carried on our days routine and he had a longer nap in the afternoon. That also meant we got to make the most amazing Mars Bar rice crispie cakes ever! The recipe will be available on #TastyTuesday.

That’s me signing off for the day….we are off to buy our first pair of baby shoes!

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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