Sterilisers & Temper Tantrums

It’s been a quiet week at work this week giving me the opportunity to catch up on a few things like booking a hair and nail appointment, booking Center Parcs with my wonderful family for a weekend break in October, and most excitingly I have applied for my Diploma in Freelance Journalism course!!

I also this week came to the shocking realisation that my baby boy isn’t a baby anymore, and the fact of the matter is….the steriliser really needs to go away.

Baby diff

I mean, he drinks out of a sippy cup and puts stones in his mouth now for goodness sake! Why am I still sterilising bottles!?

The thing is, looking back at when I first started to sterilise all those months ago, I spent my days washing and soaking bottles, teats, lids and anything that I deemed to be ‘harmful’ to my teeny tiny baby; and as time went by and the feeds dwindled away when he started trying, and throwing solid foods, I continued to sterilise. Why?? Well mainly due to habit to be honest, and also because I wouldn’t know what to put in that big space in my kitchen that at the moment it sits so prominently as a permanent fixture on my breakfast bar.

Well ladies and gentlemen, it all ends this weekend! I am in the process of making the switch….the switch from a bottle of formula to a cup of whole milk.


Can you imagine the day that there is no sterilising after bed time and no boiling the kettle, no waiting for water to cool and no opening that big expensive pot of formula to scoop (and level of course) the powder adding to the water to create your babies milk – I can because it is now upon me, and that means he isn’t a baby anymore.

The other entertainment I have had this week is my 1 year olds temper tantrums and head banging. The moment that he bangs his head on the floor because you have taken a crayon out of his hand so he starts to have a mini temper tantrum when you hear that almighty BANG! Everything goes into slow motion as you are expecting a full blown melt down with lots and lots of tears, until you realise he is actually finding it really funny, therefore continues to do it again and again….do mothercare sell crash helmets for head banging 1 yr olds? Is this just my child that thinks a head banging tantrum is the funniest kind?


On that happy temper tantrum head banging note, I am signing off for the day….

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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