Merits of Marriage….

It has been a very full on few days celebrating little man’s birthday at the weekend and I am actually glad to be back at work for a little break. Don’t get me wrong, I had a lovely 3 days off but it feels like a whirlwind! Yorkshire Wildlife Park was great fun seeing all the lions and tigers on the Friday and it was nice to have a day out as a family – being so busy all the time doesn’t really leave time for family days out, and it was especially nice to spend time with my husband!

2tiger1 2lion2 2jack1

Saturday and Sunday followed suit with a mummy and little man day filled with food shopping and swimming and then his 3rd lot of birthday celebrations with the in-laws travelling up from the South West after stopping to pick up one set of great-grandparents to enjoy a Sunday full of presents, cake and just chaos and fun for a few hours.

So I am writing this a little worse for wear (through tiredness, not from a hungover state).

Whilst catching up with my celebrity gossip over the weekend, I feel compelled to touch upon Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s supposed separation. Ben Affleck appeared to embarrass Jennifer in his 2013 Oscars speech where he described his marriage as ‘work’ which is where the celebrity rumour mill started working followed by their now confirmed split.

Personally I agree with Mr Affleck that marriage is work anyway. Like anything you do in life, you have to keep working at things to ensure that you get better, and that’s exactly like marriage – if you don’t work at it, it isn’t going to work…simple!

My husband and I try to spend Sundays as a family as the most important thing at the moment is our little man, but when does our relationship get deemed ‘important?’

2us 2us2

Every couple is different – some are more social couples and enjoy dining out and drinking copious amounts of wine, whilst others simply enjoy chilling out in front of the TV and ordering a takeaway. I openly admit that we are the latter, although it is important to spend time out of the house just the two of you so there are no ‘distractions.’

When are we meant to do this though? My husband and I both leave for work (via nursery) at 7am, I get home at 5.30pm and set about doing the bath and bed time routine, get dinner prepped and ready before hubby gets in just in time to give little man a cuddle before bed. By the time dinner is cooked, you have washed up and sat down its nearly 8pm and quite frankly nearing my bed time!

The point is that no size fits all! Marriage is definitely work like Affleck said, and it can work or not work depending on what you think you need to do to spend time together as a couple and you do it.

The bottom line is that we are a simple couple who like simple things and as long as we are still laughing and enjoying each other’s company that’s all that matters at the moment – our ‘work’ isn’t about making a lot of time to go out for romantic dinners, it’s about making each other laugh by opening the shower door and spitting toothpaste at me or tipping cold water over the top of it.

So if you think about anything today, what do you do to spend time together as a couple and when was the last time your husband or wife made you laugh?

Signing off for the day….

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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